Sword & Sorcery Inspired Cover

If you haven’t noticed I missed a post yesterday. I was working on several ideas for a premade cover yesterday and ended up deleting them all. Overall, I ended up just letting the day go by and just take a day to have a break. I did work on a custom cover, however I can’t show it yet till it is done.

This cover today actually was inspired by my own works in progress. I have a few characters that are called swordmasters. They are deadly swordsmen that are adept mages. They were labeled swordmasters due to their ability to master the two elements of war. The only difference is that they are both men instead of being female. The girl on this cover though reminded me a lot of my character Kero. She is actually a dragon rider and is a pupil to swordmaster Rikkin.

I can probably drone on forever about my WIPs, but I bet you all would rather see the cover. So, here it is, hope you all enjoy it.

Fantasy Cover 8

Price: $80 ebook only
Add $25 to get paperback also
To purchase contact me ASAP at kjmagicaldesigns@gmail.com, with the title of the cover.