It seems like forever since the last time I posted. I know it was just the other day I was showing you a sneak peek of my first series set of premade covers. If you happened to miss it I will be taunting you again with the preview images, before I get to the actual covers. Yes, I know you can just scroll to the bottom and skip my rambling. But, how else will you be updated on things. Here is some torture:

I thought I would give you all an update on things real quick, before I show off these covers. The last few days I have been finalizing my website and created packages for custom covers to promotional items. I even got my individual services up on the site now too. If you are interested in checking them out just click here.

Last night after taking a few days away from designing covers, I started a new one. Thought I would let you see a teaser of what it looks like so far. This one is going to be apart of my Deluxe Premades collection.

There has been a big change to my premade store. I have decided to break specific covers into different categories, which is good for you. That being you will get more added services with each category.

The categories are as followed:

  • Basic Premade: $80 – this is just a basic premade cover without any added items to it. These covers are actually on sale till 8/31 for $69.
  • Premium Premades: $130 – comes with ebook, three hard revisions, a 3D cover and a promotional banner.
  • Deluxe Premades: $200 – come with ebook, paperback, three hard revisions, 3D cover and  a promotional banner.
  • Series: Price Varies – come with ebook, paperback, three hard revisions, 3D cover and  a promotional banner (the size of the series cover set will vary from 3 covers to more).

Have I drowned on long enough, yet? I believe I have, so without further a-do here is the Demonic Love series collection.

If interested in purchasing email me ASAP the series title: Demonic Love with your purchasing details at Payment is processed through PayPal.