#AMA: Do you have any tips on how to choose the right designer for your book cover?

Pay attention to the designers technique. Use there portfolio to study their style. If you don’t think they will accomplish what your looking for in a cover, it is best to keep looking. The biggest pitfall is choosing a designer that doesn’t fit your style of writing (Example: having a scifi cover designer do a romance cover). If they have a broad range that is great.

Look at their experience, but don’t let it define your final choice. Newbies can be a great investment. My first clients were authors I befriended through groups and they tried me out when I was a beginner. The nice thing about newbies is they will push themselves to the limit to prove they can provide you with the cover you desire. I had this experience with Allison D. Reid and she has been with me ever since.

Research is key, check out reviews on the designer. If they don’t have reviews by prior authors, this is where the portfolio comes in handy. Google the authors they worked with, find out their thoughts and option. Get an idea of their work flow if they are reliable or have good communication skills.

Ask questions. A big thing I like to do is chat sessions with authors. I want a feel of what direction they are going towards. This way I know if I fit the authors style. If the designer isn’t willing to chat, perhaps it is best to keep looking. This can be a sign of communication issues, or the designer being too busy.

**A designer that ask lots of questions is a sign they are committed to giving you their best.

What is AMA?

Ask Me Anything. I put up a live hosting page that goes live August 28th, at 10pm CST. People from all over the world ask me questions on my chosen topic. My first AMA topic: The Art of Designing and Writing – A Cover Designer/Artist and Indie Author’s Journey Let’s say it is a new twist to an interview, but where you get to ask the questions.

How does it work?

Right now you are able to submit questions till the deadline, August 28th. The answers to questions don’t go live till 10pm CST that day. However, I do get to answer questions before the day, so if I see a question that will benefit you all. I will be creating a blog post here for you all to reference and enjoy.

If you would like to ask questions submit them here.


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