Later today our dark fantasy pre-made cover, Black Forest will release to the public. Right now I will be featuring a preview and sneak peek to capture your interest. As a reminder, you don’t have to wait for our reveal post. You can join our Facebook Group to see it right now.

These are a few benefits of becoming a member: you will receive a new member discount that can apply to your first pre-made cover or service purchase. We offer a monthly giveaway in our group along with other benefits you will only find out about by joining :). Hope you enjoy this dark fantasy cover preview.

These are the images used in our dark fantasy cover, Black Forest.


and here is a sneak peek image of the cover itself. Expect this cover to go live around 7pm CST. This is a basic cover that comes only with ebook. Upgrade to premium to get these items included: 3 hard edits (no limitations), 1 3D cover and 1 promotional banner. Basic Price: $80
Premium Price: $100
Add-on paperback flap: $25