Bulk Packages

If you are looking for covers for your entire series or several stand-a-lone books, then this will be your best option. Contact us to get your bulk package customized to your needs.

  • Bulk orders with 3+ books will receive a 30% discount on the entire order
  • Payment arrangements are available for bulk packages, upon request

Add an additional 40% off your bulk order till Aug. 31, 2018. 


Once you’ve decided you’d like to pursue a bulk package deal, please contact us as soon as possible to get a free quote and to reserve your slot for your cover services. After you’ve contacted us, and we’ve come to an agreement on a vision for your project, one of our team will provide you with your quote for our services. If you choose to move forward, you will receive your invoice via PayPal.

Once the agreed upon deposit has been received, we will work out a schedule for your project as their due date approaches. Throughout the process you will receive screenshot updates, for you to review. When you are satisfied with the final product, we will send the full resolution file(s).

**Bulk Custom Cover Packages come with ten rounds of revisions per cover. Additional revisions can be purchased for $10 each.