Cover Reveal Sundance – 2nd Book Of The Council Of Twelve Series

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I am very excited to get up in the morning and celebrate the cover reveal of SUNDANCE with you.

SUNDANCE is going to be released Mid August on Amazon and Smashwords.

Let me tell you how thrilled I am to be able to reveal another beautiful cover of the second book in ‘The Council Of Twelve Series.’

In this new book, we will meet a beautiful little girl, the only child of a couple who longed for a son or daughter. The girl tells her own story. She describes her childhood and how suddenly her entire situation changed when she had to say goodbye to her parents, her youth, and her entire known life. Find out how she develops and what becomes of the girl we knew as ‘Cara.’ Meet her, know her, love, laugh and cry with her and follow her every step into an existence where she needs…

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Cover Reveal: Reecah’s Gift

Happy Tuesday everyone. Today I have a special cover reveal featuring author Richard H. Stephens two books. We had the honor to do both of them and they are some of our favorite dragon covers to date.

The most recent cover we did is Reecah’s Gift. This is book 2 in Richard’s Legend of the Lurker Series. The designer was Katie Jenkins and features the use of stock images.



Fleeing from the only life she has ever known, Reecah Windwalker sets out to avert a terrible tragedy. One that will force the dragons to the edge of extinction. But first, Reecah must find herself.

Braving the perils of a cutthroat city, Reecah discovers that as bad as life may have seemed, nothing had prepared her for what her future had in store. Surviving hardships no one should ever have to endure, she finds herself face-to-face with those seeking her demise.

Without the intervention of an eclectic warrior, and the assistance of her dragon friends, Reecah might never realize the gift so many died to protect.

Scheduled for release July, 2019.

Book 1 we did a while back but have been waiting to do the cover reveal here on our blog. Reecah’s Flight was a premade cover that was purchased by Richard. Below you will see not only the ebook but the print edition also.



To defy the king is to ask for death.

A young girl dreams of flying. Encouraged by her grandfather to follow her heart, Reecah grows up to form a forbidden relationship with a baby dragon.

Secretly opposing the mandate of her people, Reecah tests the boundaries of unconditional love as she and her enchanting accomplice battle the discriminating laws governing the land.

Together they confront the king’s men in a desperate attempt to save the dragons from extinction.

Pre-order link:

Reecah’s Flight Book Trailer:


Amazon Author Page:

Facebook Author Page:



Richard began writing circa 1974, a bored child looking for something to do. As his reading horizons broadened, so did his writing. 

A trip to a local bookstore saw the proprietor introduce him to Terry Brooks and Stephen R. Donaldson. His writing life was forever changed.

He worked in a warehouse for 22 years, supporting his family, before re-attending school to complete his education. Graduating with honours, he joined the local Police Service.

In 2017, he resigned from the Police Service to pursue writing full-time. With the support of his family, he has finally realized his boyhood dream.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Cover Reveal Soul Taker – 1st Book of The Council Of Twelve Series

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Today I’m super excited to celebrate the cover reveal of SOUL TAKER, releasing Mid December on Amazon and Smashwords.

Before I get to the cover please let me express how thrilled I am to be able to reveal the awesome cover of my soon to be released novella Soul Taker, the first book in The Council Of Twelve Series.

In this book, Kate tells the story of how she wished she had another job instead of the one of a ‘Soul Taker’, which she did loyally and conscientiously for several centuries. She informs us how she got a different task and how from that moment on her entire existence changed. Let her take you to her world and meet the Good side with the Council of Twelve as well as the Other side and the darkness Kate suddenly is drawn into.

My cover was designed by the wonderful Kathryn Jenkins, of KJ…

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4th Halloween-Poem Contest – Jury introduction – and Start Up

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Picture courtesy of:



I am honored to announce that the following authors have agreed to participate as judges in the jury who will decide on the winners of the contest:

Author Kathryn Jenkins
Author Janis Beck
Author A. J. Alexander

Thank you, authors, for your effort to be part of this contest!

There will be three winners in the 4th Halloween poem contest. Each of them is free to choose from the following prizes:

E-Books-set of “A Father’s Protection” and “An Elf, A Dragon And a God’s Intervention“, written by K. M. Jenkins
E-book of “Angelic Confessions” written by Jan Marie
E-books-set of “Journey to Aviad” and “Ancient Voices: Into The Depths” written by Allison D.  Reid

I’m very grateful for these excellent authors to offer one or two of their books as a prize in this contest. Thank…

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4th Halloween-Poem Contest

Writer's Treasure Chest

It is a great pleasure for me to announce the
4th Halloween-Poem Contest
on ‘Writer’s Treasure Chest’.

Every author and poet are invited to participate and deliver a “Halloween-Poem” to my email address:, together with their picture and a link to their blog/page.

There are a few rules to follow:

  1. Your poem needs a Halloween theme.
  2. Your poem needs a minimum of 99 words.
  3. Your poem has to be delivered to my email address between October 10 and Halloween, October 31, 2018, 9 pm Central Standard Time.
  4. Your poem has to be delivered together with your picture and a link to your blog/page.
  5. Please avoid violence, bad language, and sexual content within the poems. It would be disqualified.

Every poem that meets the rules and is delivered within the deadline will be published here on “Writer’s Treasure Chest” together with the provided picture.

End of this month…

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K.M. Jenkins

Welcome to my Friday Author Spotlight, today I will be doing a character interview with Bane. He is a miner in Ancient Voices: Into the Depths, Allison D. Reid’s second book in the Wind Rider Chronicles. I am happy to have them both here today for your enjoyment. Hope you will look into adding Journey to Aviad, the first book in the series to your reading list. Best news about this book, it’s permafree.

Without further a do, lets get the party started…

~ BANE ~

Do you have a chosen profession? What is it?

In recent years, I purchased a claim in the mountains of Minhaven and learned to be a miner. I do not seek riches—just hard, honest work, and a quiet life in obscurity. What I did before…well, that knowledge I guard carefully, for my own sake as well as that of everyone…

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I haven’t been keeping up on my posts for our current and coming soon pre-made covers. Today I have several posts going out that will feature sneak peeks for pre-made covers that will be available later on in the afternoon. I have several I will feature in a post later this morning to update everyone what’s new in our pre-made cover gallery.

It will be a busy Wednesday, but hope you enjoy all the new covers. If you want early access to all pre-made covers and get special member pricing join our Facebook Group. You will receive a special new member discount that can apply to your first pre-made cover or service purchase. We also offer a monthly giveaway in our group so that is a big thing to think about :). Hope you enjoy this Fantasy cover preview.

These are the images used in our fantasy cover, Nazira.


and here is a sneak peek image of the cover itself. Expect this cover to go live around 3pm CST. It will be a deluxe cover which includes: ebook & paperback cover, 3 hard edits (no limitations), 1 3D cover and 1 promotional banner. Price: $200

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 11.43.05 AM



Pre-made Covers on SALE for $69

We listed at the beginning of the month select covers for our $69 SALE. Today till August 31, we are including all basic covers as part of the $69 SALE. This is for the ebook cover itself if you are interested in upgrading to premium you can for the discounted rate of $80.

Premium covers run $130 and basic are $80. You will save $11 on any basic cover and $50 on premium upgrades. Below are all the covers available for purchase with this SALE. If you are interested in a cover, please fill out the form provided or email the title of your select pre-made to All covers are sold on a first-come first-served basis.

All on SALE Pre-mades for $69

To Purchase

you may submit your purchase request by email to and I will be in contact with you ASAP. Thank you 🙂

#DesignAMA: How do you promote your business?

It has been a minute since my last blog post. I have an interesting question to share with you I received from an individual over on my #DesignAMA event page. In, the process of writing this response I came up with two ideas I plan to implement here in a few weeks once I create advertising graphics for them. I would appreciate your input on this response and the new discount opportunities.

How do you promote your business? What methods have you found that effectively spread the word about your services? 

I have done different promoting for my design business that are showing merits. The main one is using social media on different platforms to find the authors that would need my services. The big one I have done was joining groups where I showcase premade covers, recent designs and groups for writing. Due to being an author myself a big thing that helps is promoting myself as an author and creating connections that way leads to others trusting me. This then lets them feel comfortable approaching me to inquire about services.

Word of mouth is big that has helped bring in new clients. I have several authors that have been with me or featured me on their blogs. I have done interviewsguest posts and cover reveals that created content for them or myself. Then in agreement they would create a button on their website to promote my design business. If they used my service, they would then display the logo of my business as a recommendation for visitors to view.

I haven’t tried using Facebook, Google or any other ad services as of right now. I am a mother of twins and have a tight budget. This means I am trying several free options to see which works best before I do the paid option.

My main thing is to grow slow that way I can make sure I provide quality to my clients. The reason is that I want to make sure not to overload myself as things take off.

Things I have done: Facebook Group GiveawaysPublic Giveaways, Premade Cover Sales, Custom Cover Sales and I offer custom cover discounts for Facebook group members and bulk services.

Ideas I plan to offer soon:

  • Client Referral Service – A prior client refers a new client and will receive a bonus of either a FREE promotional package/individual service or 40% discount on their next custom cover order.
  • Promoting Benefit – A client whether new or old, creates 3+ promotional posts on any platform to receive a 10% discount for spreading word about my company. This can be a mix of one post being shared over multiple platforms, (example – Author posts on a blog, then shares it over twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and any others. I will accept this as over 3 shares and will be eligible for the 10% discount). They can only use this discount with each individual invoice that’s created, within a monthly period.

Hope this gives you some ideas, the main thing is to have fun with it and to think of ways to benefit the audience that wants to use your services but can’t afford it. I always work to think of ways to bring my services to everyone no matter the price point. Remember, if you hate the promoting side of your business it will be something you will avoid.

My #DesignAMA goes live August 28, 2018. If you have a question related to my topic of interest (The Art of Designing and Writing – A Cover Designer/Artist and Indie Author’s Journey AMA), ask it here.

My question to you: What do you look for in a advertisement that makes you want to use that companies services?

#AuthorAMA: Different ways to enter the Writing Industry

K.M. Jenkins

Yesterday I shared a post from my design blog, KJ Magical Designs, that showcased a question from a #DesignAMA I am taking part in. However, I am not only taking questions on design but also on writing too. I had an interesting one I thought I would source here on my blog.

For a first time author- how many pages would you say is a good start to get published? In the genre of suspense/romance fiction? 

It ranges in each genre and by the audience you are trying to target. Ask yourself if you plan to self-publish, if you will market to an agent or hope to get picked up by a publisher. I did digging into this and found a good infographic on one of my favorite sites (Writer’s Digest). This is a good resource to help you learn the ins and outs of the industry…

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