Ebook Cover – full res JPG
Print Book Cover – print ready PDF (Does not include illustrated back)
Up to 10 revisions – during concept development (only minor changes)
Average turnaround time is two months from the projects start date.


Print Book Cover – print ready PDF (Full Front & Back Illustration)
Ebook Cover – full res JPG
Up to 10 revisions – during concept development (only minor changes)
Average turnaround time is three months from the projects start date.

Standard Licensing included – reference our licensing information for specifics. Additional Licensing options are available check for pricing.

*Payment arrangements are available for our Illustrated Cover Services, upon request.


(Below is the generic process we take when creating your customized illustrated cover.) 

First step is booking your appointment in our calendar. Once your slots confirmed you will receive a questionnaire from your designer to get insight into what you are looking for in your final cover. You will receive the questionnaire within two weeks of your project start date.

The next step will be thumbnails. Your designer will create three initial thumbnail concepts for your cover, you will select the one you wish to use for your cover.

Next will be the process of drawing, painting and doing minor changes with your input throughout the journey. As the cover enters its final stages with your final approval the clean-up process will begin.

The final step for the illustration is to finalize the image and make sure it is in tip-top shape for the construction of your official cover. Once done your cover will then go through to have photo manipulations added along with all text.

**We do a tag team effort here at KJ Magical Designs. Alfredo Pachicano does the illustrations and once that part is complete Katie takes over to produce the official cover.

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1 ad graphic, 1 3D cover and Facebook Banner
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