Welcome to Alfredo’s and Katie’s portfolio, where you will find their accomplished covers, ad graphics, 3D covers and all additional services we provide. Please look around and if you like what you see shoot us a message and find out how we can help you with your next book project.



Below you will find out ebook covers custom created to the authors special requirements. Check out the print cover create below in the print section.                  Below you will find the print edition to our custom covers created. Look above to see the ebook version.


These covers were worked on by Katie Jenkins and Alfredo Pachicano. Illustrations were by Alfredo and Katie did the rest. This top section features the ebook version of the covers created, check out the prints in the print cover section.          Check out the print covers below for our illustrated services. To … Continue reading ILLUSTRATED COVERS


  Check out this section for ebook covers if the cover has a print cover included with purchase it will below in our Print section.        Print Covers are below to see the ebook counterpart check the covers in the ebook section above. Below you will find the covers that have been purchased, … Continue reading SOLD PREMADES


  Check out the latest covers for recent, present and future publications.