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Heya everyone, happy Saturday. Hope you are enjoying your weekend so far. I am giving over the blog to Speculative Fiction author Renee Scattergood today. Hope you will take the time to get to know her and feel free to ask her questions. Happy reading everyone :).

Shadow Stalker - Book Feature (1)Renee Scattergood

Hi everyone! My name is Renee Scattergood, and I write dark speculative fiction. For those who don’t know what speculative fiction is, it’s fantasy, science fiction, and horror. I tend to combine the three, so it’s easier to say speculative fiction (or spec fic for short).

I began writing back in 1995, but I didn’t get serious about it until about five years ago. Before that, it was an on again off again thing. I was afraid of the possibility of success, and that held me back quite a bit. So, I decided to start small. Instead of jumping in full on with a novel, I decided to write a serial, Shadow Stalker. That’s been working out great so far. It allowed me to test the waters, so to speak, and get a feel for self-publishing.

I’ve always known that I wanted to self-publish, but there was a time when I wasn’t sure I could handle it all myself. Then I learned that I didn’t have to. I found Katie (a.k.a. K.M. Jenkins) who has helped me a great deal with designing my book covers, and she does a great job with that. I also met another great author, Allison D. Reid, who does my editing.

When most indie authors get started, we don’t always have the money to pay for those kinds of services, so having friends that you can exchange services with to help pay for those things is a good thing to have. That’s why networking is so important for indie authors, especially if you have something to offer them in return for something you need. (The barter system is alive and well.)

The way I love to help other authors is through marketing. It’s my second love. When I finally get my Australian citizenship, I plan to go back to school for a dual business/arts degree with a major in marketing. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for many years, but school can get expensive (even in Australia).

I have two blogs outside of my personal one specifically geared towards helping authors promote their work. One is Renee’s Author Spotlight (http://reneesauthorspotlight.blogspot.com/), where I feature indie and small press authors. The other is Speculative Fiction Spot (http://specfictionspot.blogspot.com/) where I feature spec fic authors. Whether you’re a writer or reader, please check them out and show your support to the many great author’s I’ve featured so far. And, of course, if you’re a writer, feel free to sign up for a feature!

Now that I’ve got a feel for it, I’m working on my first novel series, A God’s Deception. I’ve also decided to dabble with another genre, fantasy/paranormal romance, under the pen name, Kahlan Richards. And I’m working on a novel series for that genre as well. And I’m working on a new serial called Emergence, which is the shadow stalkers’ origin story.

I prefer working on multiple projects because…well, I’m weird. I can focus better when I’m multitasking. I think it’s the ADHD. I also can’t work without background noise, so I generally have the TV on when I’m writing. Like I said…I’m weird.

If you made it this far, thanks so much for reading and getting to know me. I hope you’ll check out my Shadow Stalker serial (especially since you can download Part 1 – the first six episodes – for free!)!Renee Scattergood's Author Photo

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The Shadow Stalker Series!

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Custom Cover: Double Cover Reveal

Just the other week I did a cover reveal for Allison D. Reid’s new book, Visions of Light and Shadow. This is her third installment in her series the Wind Rider Chronicles. Alfredo and I have been on a journey for the last year working on a big project for Allison. The project was to bring a consistent, illustrated and series connect to her books in print.

The plan is to have all her books illustrated by Alfredo and I do the photo manipulation and formatting. We started this project as I stated a year ago. We have finished her third book since it was the most pressing of them all. Now I get to say I have put the final touches on Journey to Aviad and Ancient Voices: Into the Depths just yesterday. You know what the means? It means I get to showcase both covers to you all at once. So, without further a do I present the new Journey to Aviad and Ancient Voices: Into the Depths.

I thought I would share all three books in the series side by side. This way you can see the entire collection as one. These are all the ebook covers, I am formatting the print covers. Then they will go through a proofing process, to make sure the physical copy is the colors Allison is looking for. Due to this process the covers won’t change over in the marketplace till the print covers arrive in the mail to complete the proof, keep your eyes peeled for the announcement for when they go live worldwide.

The Wind Rider Chronicles

About the Author

Allison now lives in the Miami Valley area with her husband and children. She continues to work on her first published series while taking care of her family, editing for other independent writers, and managing a home business.

Author Website | Facebook Page | Twitter | Allison’s Kinship

Journey to Aviad is a Prema-FREE ebook download!
Ancient Voices: Into the Depths (Ebook $2.99) (Paperback $9.99) or subscribe to Allison’s author newsletter and get the ebook FREE.
Visions of Light and Shadow (Ebook $2.99) (Paperback coming soon, after physical proof process)

Other books/stories within the Wind Rider Chronicles world:

Into the Shadow Woods (Ebook $1.99) (Paperback $6.99)
A Collection of Short Stories: The Wind Rider Chronicles (Ebook $0.99)

Talk soon,

Katie @ KJ Magical Designs

Interview With Author And Cover Designer Kathryn Jenkins — Writer’s Treasure Chest


Today I am featured over on Aurora’s Writer’s Treasure Chest. She asked several interesting questions that hit on my own writing to my design works. Hope you all will stop by and check it out.

Welcome! We know each other for a while now. I know you are not only a very gifted writer, but also an excellent graphic designer and book cover designer. I know there’s much more, and I’d like to hear about that. 1. When did you start writing? It is hard to say when I […]

via Interview With Author And Cover Designer Kathryn Jenkins — Writer’s Treasure Chest

Custom Cover: Print Cover Reveal

This evening I put the final touches on this print cover, that I did for Allison D. Reid. The process for this cover was different from my others. That being due to this being a collaborated piece between myself and my fellow designer, Alfredo Pachicano.

Alfredo has been working with me for a few years now, mainly on Allison’s books for her Wind Rider Chronicles series. This cover is the latest release of her series, Visions of Light and Shadows, Book 3 of the Wind Rider Chronicles.

The process behind this cover was pretty easy for myself. You see before Alfredo came into the picture I have worked with Allison for about a year or more, so I have come to expect what she likes. Many designers would find her picky, overwhelming or even hard to work with. However, I love working with her, she pushes me to new heights. We have been together since I started my journey onto the path of designing covers, along with becoming an author myself, and I have no intention of stopping anytime soon.

Alfredo jumped on the band wagon just this last year and he is the one behind the beautifully illustrated image provided on the cover. He has been slaving away on re-doing the first two books in the Wind Rider Chronicles, and this one provided above. The plan has been to rework all the covers to create a series set that flows from one book to another.

I haven’t master the art of transferring designs from paper over to digital yet, and Alfredo is by far a better illustrator than myself. In this way we seem to compliment each other, since he has no understanding of the book cover formatting specifications. As a result he did the illustrating, where I did the formatting, text and photo manipulation on our co-projects.

This cover I had access to the psd files, so I was able to manipulate the illustration to create the back flap for this one. I am hoping it will work out for the others in the series, but won’t know till the time comes.

Book 3 has finally been finished. I do have the new image for book 2, Ancient Voices: Into the Depths, so this will be my next assignment to accomplish for Allison. Then once book 1, Journey to Aviad’s art has been complete, then I will work that one. I will keep everyone updated on this series project as it continues.

So, I have drowned on for a long while, but what kind of designer/author would I be if I didn’t share some links. Below you will find link’s to Allison’s website, FB page, Twitter and her FB group. I’ll even throw in link’s to her books.

Author Website
Facebook Page
Allison’s Kinship

Get Journey to Aviad FREE ebook download!
Ancient Voices: Into the Depths (Ebook $2.99) (Paperback $9.99)
Visions of Light and Shadow (Ebook $2.99) (Paperback coming soon, after physical proof process)

I hope you all will check out her site and even snatch up the first book of her series if you haven’t yet. This series falls in the genres of Epic fantasy and Christian Fantasy. I fell in love with her as an author the second I opened Journey to Aviad and I even cried at the gut wrenching blow Ancient Voices: Into the Depths threw my way. I will be excited to read book 3 and yes I will be writing a review for you all to read.

I hope you all have a good weekend and if you are looking for a book to read I bet you will find one here on this very page, wink wink :).

Talk soon,

Katie @ KJ Magical Designs