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Today I am featured over on Aurora’s Writer’s Treasure Chest. She asked several interesting questions that hit on my own writing to my design works. Hope you all will stop by and check it out.

Welcome! We know each other for a while now. I know you are not only a very gifted writer, but also an excellent graphic designer and book cover designer. I know there’s much more, and I’d like to hear about that. 1. When did you start writing? It is hard to say when I […]

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It seems like forever since the last time I posted. I know it was just the other day I was showing you a sneak peek of my first series set of premade covers. If you happened to miss it I will be taunting you again with the preview images, before I get to the actual covers. Yes, I know you can just scroll to the bottom and skip my rambling. But, how else will you be updated on things. Here is some torture:

I thought I would give you all an update on things real quick, before I show off these covers. The last few days I have been finalizing my website and created packages for custom covers to promotional items. I even got my individual services up on the site now too. If you are interested in checking them out just click here.

Last night after taking a few days away from designing covers, I started a new one. Thought I would let you see a teaser of what it looks like so far. This one is going to be apart of my Deluxe Premades collection.

There has been a big change to my premade store. I have decided to break specific covers into different categories, which is good for you. That being you will get more added services with each category.

The categories are as followed:

  • Basic Premade: $80 – this is just a basic premade cover without any added items to it. These covers are actually on sale till 8/31 for $69.
  • Premium Premades: $130 – comes with ebook, three hard revisions, a 3D cover and a promotional banner.
  • Deluxe Premades: $200 – come with ebook, paperback, three hard revisions, 3D cover and  a promotional banner.
  • Series: Price Varies – come with ebook, paperback, three hard revisions, 3D cover and  a promotional banner (the size of the series cover set will vary from 3 covers to more).

Have I drowned on long enough, yet? I believe I have, so without further a-do here is the Demonic Love series collection.

If interested in purchasing email me ASAP the series title: Demonic Love with your purchasing details at Payment is processed through PayPal.

Paranormal Romance Pre-Made Cover

Tonight I am posting my newest pre-made cover rather late. Today just got away from me, spent the morning at physical therapy. Time just seemed to get away, but I did manage to get this cover done for you all to enjoy.

This one actually started out more with the direction of being a normal fantasy romance cover. However, you can see it took a more darker turn. I was watching a horror movie while making this one. If that doesn’t help explain why it turned out the way it did, then I don’t have any other ideas.

Hope you all enjoy this one. I find this to be one of my favorites. It is one thing to be able to make a bright and beautiful cover, but it is another when you can make it spooky and pretty at the same time.

Fantasy Cover 7

Price: $130 ebook only
Add $25 to get paperback also
To purchase contact me ASAP at, with the title of the cover.