Paranormal Romance Pre-Made Cover

Tonight I am posting my newest pre-made cover rather late. Today just got away from me, spent the morning at physical therapy. Time just seemed to get away, but I did manage to get this cover done for you all to enjoy.

This one actually started out more with the direction of being a normal fantasy romance cover. However, you can see it took a more darker turn. I was watching a horror movie while making this one. If that doesn’t help explain why it turned out the way it did, then I don’t have any other ideas.

Hope you all enjoy this one. I find this to be one of my favorites. It is one thing to be able to make a bright and beautiful cover, but it is another when you can make it spooky and pretty at the same time.

Fantasy Cover 7

Price: $130 ebook only
Add $25 to get paperback also
To purchase contact me ASAP at, with the title of the cover.

Magical Forest Pre-Made Cover

This one was a bit different working with today. I got some brushes through a site called, to use in photoshop. Not one for painting to much I decided to give them a try. I ended up using two stock images and painting a lot of the little details.

Overall, for trying out a new technique I can say I am happy with the end result. I am excited to see what everyone things of this one. I’m excited for the day to come for an author to snatch this one up. Not sure yet what I will do for tomorrow, but right now I am happy to showcase this beauty. Enjoy 🙂

Fantasy Cover 6

Price: $130
Add the paperback cover wrap for $25
To purchase contact me ASAP at, with the title of the cover.