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Axen rattled on. “The opposition (for he never referred to the Warriors by name) will now be much less able to protect the inhabitants of this world, and you know we are running low on citizenry here for raw material. We require a new source of blood-victims for our Rites.”

His wine-embellished, pompous tones nauseated her. All these things they both knew quite well. He likes hearing himself talk in this state, she noted once again. Boredom began to seep in through her haze of wine. Although their relationship was important for Devil’s Tail purposes, right now she chafed at its bindings, though the power she wielded with Axen was not, she admitted, something to be taken lightly.

Vajti decided to escape. “I feel the need for sleep, Axen. I will see you afterward…..”

from ​The World that Resisted, ​included.

The Author

WendiSneden795363aThe author lives in the Midwest with her family. She is a writer of poetry and speculative fiction, and has been since childhood. She is an animal lover and has three cats, a rabbit, a hamster and a garter snake as friends. Wendi spends her time writing, doing needlework, and reading widely. She also enjoys gardening and the out-of-doors. Wendi was born under the sign of Taurus, and can be reached at

She received her B.A. from Michigan State University, has a black belt (Shodan) in Judo, and in other incarnations has pursued direct sales, waited tables, been employed in libraries, and been a homeschooling parent–addicted to all the gorgeous curriculum out there!

As a lover of languages, writing is a natural outlet and she does not foresee an end anytime soon.

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Cover Reveal: Little Black Dress

Happy Friday Everyone,

Today as I stated on our Facebook Page, I have D.B. Mauldin’s Cover Reveal for her newly finished story the “Little Black Dress”. This by far was one of my top favorite covers that I have done recently. I would have to say with having free range to come up with a concept for D.B. Mauldin’s story it defiantly had its challenges.

The girl was easy enough to find but finding the perfect background was a journey in itself. Then came the feeling of it not being truly complete without the love interest being apart of the cover, after all it is a romance story. Even with a few struggles and near misses D.B. and myself are please with the final outcome of her cover. Please don’t hesitate to let us know what you think :). Oh and before I forget watch for “Little Black Dress” coming to ebook retailers this coming Monday (June 27th). Till then hope you all enjoy 🙂

The Little Black Dress Cover


“He kissed me! Roland kissed me! Wow! Did that just happen? It was so quick, but felt oh, so good!”

Having been offered a scholarship far away from the prying eyes and gossips of her small hometown, Betsy is excited to be going to the Valentine’s Dance, with her first crush Roland.

However, her clumsiness is a barrier as overcome by nerves; she worries that she will embarrass either herself or Roland. Luckily, her best friend Susan is on hand to offer some friendly advice and a shoulder to lean on. The two girls enjoy a fun-filled day shopping for dresses for the dance.

Will Betsy be able to control her nerves? Will her budding romance with Roland develop into a long-term romance?

Little Black Dress – Short Story #2 of the Shy Girl Series introduces the reader to an adorable young couple at the very start of their love story.  About the Author (D.B. Mauldin):

I am a professional published Author. I write articles, short stories, short story series, novella’s, and coming soon: novels.

I’m an avid reader and love writing book reviews. I believe in author’s helping author’s. Writing has always been a part of my life. My passions are writing fantasy’s, paranormal, and women’s fiction. Most of my writings are geared to middle grade and young adult audiences.

Currently, I live with my loving, supportive husband, and two rat terriers, by a small lake in northeast Alabama. Together, my husband and I have three grown daughters and seven grandchildren; 5 girls and 2 boys. My grandchildren are my world.

Check out D.B. Mauldin at her website Here!

The Rocking Chair Cover Reveal

Today I worked my butt off on a new cover for author D.B. Maudlin and her new paranormal short story “The Rocking Chair”. I would have to say that for one of my first and favorite paranormal covers this one was by far fun to create. This cover helped me learn a few different techniques to creating a concept. I was very happy with how well it turned out and the excitement I got from D.B. Maudlin when she saw it for the first time.

Hope you all enjoy the cover and watch for the release tomorrow. It will be uploaded and released at midnight tonight. So I will make another announcement tomorrow for you all :).

The Rocking Chair

Blurb: Marissa had faced the loss of her grandmother, mother, and grandfather. She thought she was coping well by throwing herself into her work, but when Marissa started hearing voices and seeing things move, she had to stop and wonder. Was she going insane or was there really an afterlife?